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A survey for children and a survey for adults

West Lothian Council has begun the process of preparing a new Local Development Plan for West Lothian (LDP 2). This will replace the existing LDP which was adopted in 2018.

The new plan will set out planning policies and proposals for the use and development of land within West Lothian for a ten-year period starting from when it is adopted, intended to be sometime in 2026. You can find out more about the process for preparing the new LDP here on the council’ website.


As part of this process,  we are aiming to ensure our outdoor play spaces are inclusive and open to all children and young people, to help encourage healthier lifestyles. 


We are keen to have a thorough understanding of where children play outdoors, how good the play spaces are, if play spaces meet their needs, identify any barriers to play and to understand what can encourage more play for all children regardless of age, gender and ability.


We have therefore designed two short questionnaire’s.  Both are looking to gather information on children’s experiences of outdoor play spaces.  One is designed for the children themselves to complete and one is designed for adults / parents / carers to complete.


We would greatly appreciate your help in cascading information about the surveys.  The more people that take part in these surveys, the more complete and representative the results will be.


A survey for Children

Please click here to access the children’s survey or scan the QR code below.

Child QR.png

A survey for Adults, Parents & Carers

Please click here to access the survey for adults or scan the QR code below.

Adult QR.png

Traffic Calming Meeting
Confimation & details to follow

Do you have issues with speeding vehicles, HGV access, child safety? Would you like to see a more controlled traffic environment?
Dechmont Community Council are planning a gathering with WLC officials in Dechmont hall to discuss going forward with proposed road traffic calming plans where your thoughts and attendance could significantly determine the course of the meeting. The more people in attendance the greater the impact in highlighting the collective thoughts of the residents.

Maps of the proposed plans can be seen in the Planning & Development tab as well as general overview of main issues and results from a survey undertaken. 


The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS)Make the call Campaign



A hard-hitting appeal to carers, family, friends and of those who are at risk of serious injury, or even death, because of an accidental fire in their home

If you are a family member, or carer, then you can refer someone directly for a Home Fire Safety Visit.

If you are a neighbour or a concerned friend, you must secure their consent before referring someone.

Make the Call campaign is tasking families, friends, and carers to make a ten-minute phone call to book a free Home Fire Safety Visit to help save a life.

To make the call and book a free home fire safety visit, phone 0800 0731 999 or text “FIRE” to 80800.





Tackling the causes and consequences of homelessness.

27 George Street


EH48 1PG

Tel: 01506 815 815  

Cyrenians Community Calendar

Cyrenian community events are open to all, offering the chance to meet others, access nutritious food and find out more about what they do! By attending or becoming a member of one of the events, you are helping to support their charity work.

To access the latest Cyrenians Newsletter click HERE

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